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contemporary leather bags inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and minimalist lifestyle of Brooklyn. made, with love, in Italy.


Two years ago, I said goodbye to the corporate fashion world to start my namesake handbag collection. I spent the first month wandering the museums of New York thinking about the past, present, and future of design. I slowly filled up my dream wall with inspiration, and laid out what would eventually become the design principles that Creagh is built on. The rest of the first year was dedicated to freelancing during the day, designing at night, and wondering if Creagh would ever become a reality.

At the start of 2017, Brent (my partner in life and in business) was determined for us to go “Full Creagh.” We traveled to Italy and met with three of the industry’s best factories, and-after a few bottles of red and heaps of prosciutto, we ultimately chose the best partners for us. And nothing makes us happier than saying, our product is in good hands.

Throughout this wonderfully intense journey, we’ve enlisted family, friends, friends of friends, and fellow WeWorkers, to collaborate with us, and we could not be more grateful for all of their pride, passion, artistry, feedback and support.

To celebrate our beginning, we are embossing the inside of each pre-order bag with a limited-edition gold foil stamp; marking this first collection as the “Founders Edition.” Each time you see the stamp, we hope it reminds you of all of the love, sweat and tears that went into making your Creagh bag, and that you are part of the foundation of an American dream.

Sarah Creagh & Brent Sutherland